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Over the last six months, BFW Construction Project Managers have continued to deliver customer-centered project management services to building owners, and our construction project management partners. Most of our project managers have become Pandemic Safety certified in terms of managing projects while following city and state safety protocols. In addition to working with project owners on-site, we have also delivered practical diversity and inclusion services both in the field and in the boardroom. BFW has created a construction diversity and inclusion directory that has been used by major contractors and developers to source Black and minority vendors and contractors. The list has been partially utilized by the Building Industry Association (BIA), LF Driscoll, Jefferson Hospital, Ernest Bock and Sons Contractors, Mosaic Develop Partners, and Shift Capital. The long-term practice of equity as a core value has led to speaking and training opportunities for our firm. Blane F. Stoddart, BFW President, has presented workshops and training on the six core principles for equity in the Real Estate and Construction Industry. These principles are transferable to any industry and include:

  1. Make diversity and inclusion (D&I) a core value
  2. Make D&I a dashboard metric
  3. Create support structures for D&I growth
  4. Rewrite and redo procurement and acquisition policies
  5. Create actionable consequences
  6. Build a system for the future.

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